Bac 2024 : sujets corrigés de l'épreuve de LLCE Anglais 🎓

Nos profs décryptent l'épreuve pour toi !

Tu cherches les sujets corrigés de l'épreuve de spécialité LLCE Anglais pour savoir si tu as réussi ton épreuve ? Cet article est pour toi ! Nos professeurs ont fait l’examen en même temps que toi ! Retrouve tous tes corrigés express du Bac 2024 à l’issue de chaque examen pour savoir si tu as géré pendant l'épreuve.

Voici des éléments de réponses possibles pour les sujets proposés.



Partie 1 : Synthèse du dossier, en anglais

‘I want to be a part of it, New York! New York!’ Franck Sinatra emphatically sang in his famous song, in the late 70’s. Dreaming of a ‘brand new start’, he celebrated the electric aura of the American capital city. But where does the glamourous appeal of New York actually come from?

In the three documents presented here, we are given a clue to answer that question. Two excerpts from world-renowned novelists, accompanied by an old picture of New York’s spiry landscape, seem to sing us a familiar tune. Both writers – Colum McCann and Tom Wolfe, in order of appearence – describe their impressions and feelings on first (re)discovering the city. In the first narrative by C. McCan, New York is depicted as a mysterious, even ‘magical’ place, where all things seem to be possible – in a word, the epitome of the ‘American dream’. Here the author describes a strange, slightly exotic encounter with a lady in the street. The former, in quite an outlandish way, with the charm and glamour of a fairy of the old tales, reaches out her hand to him and invites him to ‘danse’. McCan recalls this moment out of time and celebrates the uncanniness, the dreaminess, or the craziness of it as a pure reflection of what New York is to him. A place of romance and fantasy. He goes as far as to say that she is New York for him. This mysterious woman could well be the kind of elegant New York lady shown in Elliott Erwitt’s photograph. Clad in a dark, long coat, with her face hidden under a hat, she looks like a Byronian figure transported into a landscape of modern skyscrapers.

Tom Wolfe, on the other hand, has a more nuanced vision of things. Indeed, he seems to contrast his very cliché image of New York – as a romantic place, full of promises – with the not-so-glamourous reality of cheap ‘yellow’ food and noisy, boisterous streets. The dream somehow collapsed. Yet, some memory of the freedom and thoughtlessness of old-day New York seems to have remained with him.

So, New York… New York… is still a place of dreams!


Partie 2 : Traduction

Un petit passage très étroit avait été frayé sur Eighty-second Street entre Lexington et Third, juste assez large pour que deux personnes vigoureuses puissent s'y engouffrer. De chaque côté de ce passage, la neige formait de hautes murailles. On aurait vraiment dit un petit canyon, là, en plein milieu du chemin. Dans la rue – qui était une rue calme autant que faire se peut, surtout ici à New York – les voitures étaient enfouies sous les congères. Les fils téléphoniques ployaient sous le poids de cette poudre blanche. Le dessous des branches d'arbre était comme peint de blanc par des doigts vaporeux.



Partie 1 : Synthèse du dossier, en anglais

For many children and teenagers, education can be an ordeal. While it should give you the knowledge and skills to choose your own path in life, it often becomes a source of stress and apprehension whenever adults try to impose their own ways upon younger ones. As it turns out, the set of documents here presented are meant to make us, students, think about the value of education and also its dangers. In the first document, consisting in a series of testimonies by professionals remembering their teachers in school, the emphasis is placed on self-discovery and gratitude. The British singer Adele, who recently rose to international fame, was interviewed regarding her former English literature teacher and declared how this woman helped her find her own voice. An actress was also interviewed and explained how she strove to find her way as a teenager, always feeling at odds with what others and society seemed to expect her to be. Yet here again, her English teacher encouraged her in her dream of becoming an actress, and helped her become the person she really is. These are two beautiful stories of how education CAN work to brighten people's lives.

The closing picture is; notwithstanding, a perfect illustration of the seamy side of the medal. There, a young boy is being forced to go to school by his mother. His face is stern, unhappy.'The spirit of education', as the picture is named, is not portrayed as an emancipating force. It looks more like shackles, like a rigid canvas. This old-fashioned cliché of strict, soulless education, in which knowledge and discipline were forced down upon pupils, is the theme of the song presented as a case study. In the Logical Song, sung by Supertramp, the narrator starts with the joy, the hope, the exuberant curiosity of childhood, and ends up being dictated what to think and how to behave. If the goal of education is help children shape themselves into free-thinking adults, then the teaching methods of our elders were not always suitable to that end, and that is what the song is all about.


Partie 2 : Traduction

Même si c'était notre professeur, et c'était donc son métier d'être avec nous, cela m'a permis de comprendre que garder une distance professionnelle n'empêche pas d'être humain, de prendre soin d'autrui. C'est un exemple que j'essaie de suivre dans ma propre carrière. C'est si facile de se cacher derrière le professionnalisme, alors qu'en réalité, s'intéresser aux vies, aux petites et grandes réussites des gens autour de soi n'empêche pas de bien faire son travail. Au contraire, ça aide à mieux travailler en synergie avec les autres.


L’app unique pour réussir !